June 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “The Official Succession Podcast with Kara Swisher (Season 3, Episode 2) | HBO

  1. Such a good point regarding familial infighting, nepotism, and second generation money managers. Could be an asset, but usually comes with a lot of liabilities.

  2. The thing he says about the family bubble and the external world leading to a fragile ego, is so pin point. I think the self especially the western ego driven idea of self and it’s material success is the leading cause of isolation and depression.

  3. Love the podcast.. this is the best TV show in 15 years.. just gold.. killing me to watch week 2 week !!!!

  4. Buenas noches..aqui desde Mexico,,,no se si tod@s las personas con demasiado dinero..sean iguales a los personajes de esta serie tan impresionante…y llevar su Ego…a traspasar su limite…y perder lo valioso de ser humano…Kendal ..enseña muy bien…las emociones de un hombre-niño…me encanta …todos dan una clara enseñanza del papel que ocupan.
    .esas familias""… yo pendiente de Logan tambien…jeje…y de su ambicion,codicia y mas…muchas gracias.

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