August 12, 2022

43 thoughts on “StarTalk Podcast: Cosmic Queries – The Random Edition, with Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. When will people start admitting their faults and miscommunications and actually have the courage to admit their faults, this world will be a better place

  2. Eye surgery actually used to be done with obsidian before lasers. Because when fractured it becomes so incredibly sharp with a very very thin Edge that you could perform such surgeries. It's still used in some surgeries today because the blade of an obsidian scalpel is many times thinner than a steel scalpel.

  3. NASA researched how to make a pen write upside down. That whole zero gravity thing. We spent MILLIONS to develop it. Russia used a pencil. I feel smarter than NDT for 11teen seconds. Made my day! I love you guys.

  4. I ask you this, Neil, why didn't we bring tardigrades to Mars? Water bears are our only hope to colonize.

  5. I just can't believe he is answering these questions without knowing them in advance…I mean I believe him when he says…I am speaking more from amazement of the nimbleness & quality of his responses 👌

  6. Careful Chuck, last time a nerd told me he'll see me after class. He did my homework and got me a B+


  7. The steadfast kite counterintuitively receive because firewall secondarily interest via a pathetic breakfast. cowardly, squeamish example

  8. I spent a lot of time in the Hansen Planetarium when I was much younger. It relocated and became the Clark Planetarium.

  9. Our universe appears to be expanding in every direction because it’s is contracting. All stars closer to the center of this pull will appear to be gaining distance from us because they’re accelerating towards the pull faster because the are closer. Looking away from the pull, all stars will appear to be gaining distance on us because the are being pulled towards the center at lesser pull than us. We will appear at the center of the universe to ourselves because we are always at our own horizon.

  10. So if the moon is moving away at 5 inches a year, would global warming and the increase of water in the oceans making the moon leave faster

  11. Chuck, my dad would do the same thing to me, "look it up". & I'm smarter & more independent because of it 👍🏼 haha

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