June 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Sex, Blood & Rock n Roll – Episode 1B | PODCAST | Avelina De Moray

  1. Avelina Your Aura is bright giddy and full of life now !!! Good for you gurl and Love is all over you spirit Welcome back to living happy,, Hugs and Wolf Howls to your future

  2. My problem is when I start staring into someones eyes I start reading their thoughts and personality LOL😀🤣But I very much loved this part of your video

  3. You seem so happy today, and I love your laughter. I have noticed that you were laughing a lot in your last video last. You did answer a question for me already, and that was if you were with Von anymore due to something you said last week. I'm glad you are happy, and if this is what you needed to go forward in life and raise yourself where you desire to be, then that is all that matters. I am wondering if you decorate differently for Halloween this year, and if you would do a Halloween tour video of your home? I'm just really interested to see any updates in your decorating. There are loads of things I am interested in, and I love how open you are with your new interests in life. Blessings & Love Sweetie <3 😉

  4. Do another podcast on Aspergers and Autism as that’s what I have! I want to have a personal relationship with you and just want you to understand me more, even though we live on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean

  5. the eye stuff… there's different states… there's the gaze or peer into the opposite sex eyes… in which there is the diolation of Pupils between eachother… lkind of like facing a video camera into the TV screen that is being used for as the Monitor… like some tunnel vision between each other… Like looking into eachothers souls… i think it is because it is like a mirror… when looking at a mirror your right eye is looking into your right eye as your left eye is looking into your left eye… you raise your right hand your right hand in the mirror rises etc… it's just the mirror everything is backwards like letters & Words etc…

    Versus looking at a Video Camera along with a TV Monitor… when you rise your right hand it looks like your left hand is being rised because unlike the mirror… the video camera is flip flopping the Image so that things are not backwards like letters & words… so if you could find a small camera then place it in front of a TV monitor… so that you can look into it as your face in on the screen… you can't look into your own eyes without looking back & forth from the Camera & TV… Your Right Eye is now looking into your Left Eye as your Left Eye is looking into your Right eye… so it is making it so you can't focus into your this way like when looking into a mirror in which your looking into the same eyes right & right Left & left versus Right & left Left & Right…

    because if you could you probably would fall into some Tunnel vision looking into your opposite eyes… Like looking into your own soul… That's probably why it can only be done while looking into the opposite sex right eye is looking into left eye Left eye is looking into Right eye… as that Tunnel vision pupil thing happens back & forth… If you could look into your own opposite eyes you probably be able to do your own dirty Laundry on stuff… only the way it is now is that you need your spouse or lover etc… sometimes people can do the pupil thing with pets and or wild animals…

    Then there is the whole I am you & what I see is Me… Like you look at someone in which their Eye color… if not the already same to begin with… all of a sudden are the same color as your own… as not sure if the same holds true in reverse… in which the other person in question has has your eye color while you have theirs…

    As there are some other eye things… So not sure what any of it means… Compatibility between opposite sex??? I don't know… Anyways enjoyed your Video Glad to see you back on… was missing you… So Happy Holidays & Best Wishes… Pat

  6. You deserve yet another sexy hug from Sam here for a job well done! Love that Widow or Current Mood top. I must get one.

  7. Avelina, there’s nothing wrong with talking about cars. I know it’s off topic and you’re not into them, but please understand that I just like sharing my knowledge with you (even though we’ve never met in person) and I hold you in very high regards. Plus I’m very passionate about them just as much as you’re passionate about art and music. I love you a lot🖤🤗

  8. I really appreciate your eye gazing portion. More of us should practice this method of communication, as it is very rewarding and important for relationships. Once again, a great podcast… you’re an awesome and amazing woman !

  9. Gosh! That intro! I couldn't watch it during its Premiere today .. I'll have to catch up with it today or tomorrow morning from 8 AM! 🖤

  10. Re-Business can I just say I love that you answer emails in regard to sales very quickly and with true connection to the customer. I’ve purchased a few things now from you online and you are the most professional, helpful and friendly business I’ve ever purchased from. Not to mention you have killer merchandise too 🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️

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