August 12, 2022

37 thoughts on “OMG Wrestling Podcast – Ep. 6 – AJ Styles Inside Interview

  1. AJ come back to tna sting pissed off we dont know where ? i think he might come back but AJ we need you to get revenge on magnus 

  2. You guys are so entertaining to listen to! You guys are funny, yet you tell me about stuff that I didn't know or that I really wanted to know about. Like I missed the end of Raw when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt family… Well I came here… And I had a full understanding! Keep it up, guys!

  3. +TonyPizzaGuy I think I speak for many people when I say an interview with Da Man Bill Goldberg would be out of this world. I know Goldberg would be reluctant but he does definitely do interviews and events. But hey if people are asking you to get stone cold and punk then why not Goldberg

  4. I can't believe AJ Styles Mr.TNA is a free agent TNA management is dumb ass fuck he was that company that would be like john Dena leavng WWE

  5. I know u were nervous but im surprised u didn't ask him about the option of AN Styles going to WWE or if they've even tried. But nice conversation u guys had.

  6. Thank you for the AJ Styles interview. It was a great watch.
    The bonus of the training and closing of the show was icing on the cake. Thanks again.

  7. This podcast with AJ Styles was amazing! Awesome job Tony, AJ Styles is a very humble guy that loves what he does. He's definitely earned the respect of many people. Top Bloke that I would love to meet.

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