June 25, 2022

50 thoughts on “Nick Walker Used Training to Overcome a Traumatic Childhood Experience

  1. Great interview and am a fan of both Dennis and Nick, looking forward to seeing Nick on the Mr. O stage next to the best in the world, he just needs to come in conditioned like NY and just make the improvements that the judges told him to make…he has the possibility of shocking the bodybuilding world and crack the top 5, but he needs to bring it 🙏🏼💪🏼🙏🏼

  2. Im sorry that happened to you Nick. Glad you are doing great now. Stay focused and positive. Its was NEVER your fault.

  3. I am a nobody yet, although Pro and I coach myself, and yes dennis, I train a little bit the Friday morning 🙂

  4. What machine where they talking about at about the 28 and a half minute mark? I didn’t quite understand it. The noobie machine? Nuvie? Newbie? What did they say?

  5. What a perfect way to put it!!! At the North American, he looked like he was going the wrong way. Brilliant.

  6. Dennis is looking great I remember seeing him in the magazines when I was a young teen in the 90s .

  7. As good as Nick is Justin was the winner of the NYP he was the best onstage hands down he was wider than Nick just as hard with a far superior back & chest ! No insult to Nick as he looks great !

  8. Brandon's legs ARE NOT WEAK they have improved bigtime ! Brandon's legs from the side/back look tremendous & this sweeping thigh thing that people are fixated on is very silly to me !? Mike Francois had some of the best thighs ever & he never had this "sweepy" legs thing they were thick from top to bottom ! Brandon was 252 at the 2017 MrO at 5-7/5-8 !

  9. Patrick and Sergio aren't even considered dangerous..and they are the ones calling themselves the Future.

  10. These big guys are full of water that the testosteron cause.. nothing classic about it..just mass monsters that cant wipe their own ass

  11. Nick walker brother God bless you
    Important take care ur health after ur wealth
    Greetings from mountains everest Nepal 🇳🇵

  12. Wow Dennis you did an awesome job with the interview and I love the generation banter of how you went through training and reflected that with Nick’s training. Nick is definitely the mass monster of the coming generation

  13. Nick walker love watching your vids bro an after listening to this one was surprised obviously from what was said got a nice gym tune to help ya even push harder fit for a king – breaking the mirror Keep smashing brother I don’t compete but I workout all the time I k is the zone brother cheers


  15. What an awesome interview , totally enjoyed it and i agree with you DJ , i believe big guy Nick Walker has the drive the ambition and the genetics needed to be Mr. O , AT 26 Nick will place in the top 5 in his first OLYMPIA , so this years Mr. O will be totally awesome !

  16. bubble guts dont come from gh and insulin its cause you dont controll the midsection wtf?!? then big lenny must have are really bad controlled midsection

  17. DJ is the most gifted interviewer in bodybuilding because he knows the ins and outs of the sport and gives you a sense that two pals are talking casually it's not like a scripted interview.

  18. Nick has brought the best conditioning out of all the shows this year hands down.. he’s going to do well through out the years

  19. Crazy everyone keep sleeping on Brandon Curry crazy the guy won a Mr.O and was second last year Sheesh give the guy some Respect his legs most not be that bad just saying..

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