June 25, 2022

22 thoughts on “N.O.R.E – I Was The Hottest Rapper In The World | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall & More

  1. Note dropped a gem, here’s the thing. Anything that is read, heard, implied in any capacity of likeness for any duration in any form (physical, digital, sign, script, etc), is money due to the artist since there has been an exchange, consumption, or form of benefit. The lawyers know this…net, they are STEALING and not fully operating in good faith!

    Start the revolution on THAT!

  2. Channing has the worst swag of em all. My man's wearing the off brand Jordan's, he dressed like my uncles who be trying to look young. But he is the most realist on the show, he is the boosie of the show.

  3. 12:17 We love you N.O.R.E., but you were NEVER the hottest rapper at ANY point in your career. LMAO! We're proud of what you're doing now, though. Salute.

  4. Norse with the JayZ SHOUT OUT. I just want to smoke weed drink some wine talk some shit forever young is in your mind. Lol he funny

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