June 25, 2022

46 thoughts on “How I Went from Welfare Dependent to Business Owner | Lauren Boebert | POLITICS | Rubin Report

  1. these are the people that can save American politics: patriots who care enough to go all in for their country. the loonies have been all in for decades.

  2. David……there needs to be some sort if inductuin fir liberal residentss-Semocrats moving from dem states to conservative states. there needs to be some sort of re-education!!

  3. Wow… it's been a little while since I checked out this station (dropped of my radar) but I'm confused by the positive comments here. David… man…. you need to do better. You were just letting her say whatever and never responded back when what she was saying was absolutely a lie? She got an interesting backstory and as a lot of charisma but we need out politicians at a minimum to tell the truth and this wasn't it. You just sat there lobbing softballs like you're working on her campaign team. Disappointing.

  4. I know you are gay and it does not fit my beliefs but, we ~ you and I are on the same page about freedom I am an Independent, and you are a Liberian, however we both I believe can see that socialism will lead us toward communism as a free people if we do not confront it now.

  5. 27 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes.

    I have been ban from Facebook, yet again they said I didn’t conform unto their communistic, socialist type standards and was acting more like a freeman and not a dancing monkey to praise their bull-shit ways for them. You know, do as I say, not as I do!

    Don’t worry “Rubin” if I didn’t like your shit I wouldn’t post my shit on it son-son. I don’t waste my time on see through people or their plastic views of freedom!

    Those armatures are going to learn they are fucking with a real freeman here and not some Humpty Dumpty, egg shell thin ass-wipe with no thoughts of true freedom… just a thought to make a dollar and nothing more of themselves!

    Please don’t get me wrong here as there ain’t nothing wrong in making money, unless you are forcing conformity on the ones you wish to take money from as then it is not a free market anymore it is more of a directive from a dictator!

    Now just who are you fucking with paper-man, with a paper soul… Facebook, oh you can write your zeros and ones Mark, but they will never make you a real freeman before God. I ask, are you scared son-son to say, what you feel? I then say, if you are then, you aren’t much of a freeman at all!

  6. Its a real shame, no, a real crime there aren't more members of Congress like her . . . why are we as supposedly freedom loving Americans so willing to allow the current misrepresentation of our people's desires and needs . . . Time to retake our land back from the Commiecrats and their big wealthy elitist sponsors, and lets not forget their wealthy, willing assistants in Congress, our pandering Rinos . . . take to carryout the rotten, stinking trash, right Brandon . . .

  7. Remove the government regulation (230) and let it happen. Let it happen! Then it will at least be honest censorship which we can fight.

  8. Section 230 should protect social media from things that are wrongfully left up, but should not protect them from things that are wrongfully taken down.

  9. My brother & his wife live in Littleton, CO, and believe they are Republicans (altho my sil posted to everyone she knew that she was reconsidering on Jan 6). They watch NBC News, and they talk about Rep. Boebert as if she is Satan personified. Smh

  10. Bobblehead Dave nods along as Bimbette Bobo spouts her spiel. The word "vacuous" comes to mind. If you don't care for the derogatory nicknames, remember Trump uses them all the time. "Go Loser Former President Bone Spurs!"

  11. Now that you made it off welfare, did you pay the welfare system back so they can help other poor people like your mother, to help them achieve the American dream.

  12. This is proof in the pudding any white person in America who is poor, uneducated can make it by saying keep government from helping other people and become rich 🤑

  13. This person is a discicable example of the Rep political agenda. Shame on you Dave Rubin for not standing up when she was stating so much BS.

  14. I can't believe you put out this BLATANT PROPAGANDA and label it an "interview". Wow you're audience must be a special kind of Fing stupid to fall for your utterly obvious grifting. I already thought you were full of crap on TYT. Now I don't think an honest word has come from your mouth since you "became Republican." Bigger RINO than Frump could ever be.

  15. We can't afford to use Locals. Who can afford to pay for each individual commentator? I couldn't even say this without paying. That's why I'm telling you here.

  16. I'm impressed. She is good at communicating and eloquently stating all her points. Unlike any member of the squad, she is a great example of how not to be a victim

  17. Hey Lauren I love you! I’m also a fellow Coloradan and if I lose my job due to the mandate, I will be moving to as you put it in America lol I’m actually hoping I get fired so that I can move to South Dakota and get out of Colorado and state that I once loved and now I don’t wanna be a part of!

  18. Thanks Dave. Corporate media paints her as crazy gun lady. But as with most things she is deeper. Thanks again!

  19. I like how she’s able to separate out the individual motivations (i.e. AOC is all hearts and rainbows, others black as night)

  20. I used to live in CO in ‘90 and this was happening – Denver, Boulder, Aspen. All lost to Dems. Co Springs was OK, Maybe Ft Collins

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