June 25, 2022

50 thoughts on “FUTURE MR OLYMPIA? | Nick Walker | Real Bodybuilding Podcast Ep.61

  1. Wow. I started watching and following Nick just a few months ago. He’s a monster with such an amazing attitude and so chill. Great podcast

  2. "I wanna get along with anyone"….. "Big Ramy is just that,,, big"… wtf…. how about stand on the pro stage first…. then see how you stack up…… and then fire shots at one of the top pro's in the world. In my opinion, Dallas was way bigger and better than Nick and he couldn't beat Ramy….

  3. Great interview. I was dieing to hear from nick. Already my new favorite pro! What a beast. And seems like a good guy. Get him on again please.

  4. Man, this guy is disciplined as fuck… Amazing genetics and focused with the mindset of a champion! I'm impressed, this dude's going far!

  5. I couldn't agree with Nick more on the barbell row as i never felt them very much in my back at all same thing with t-bars . what i did feel a lot more was one arm dumbbell rows , cable rows , hammer rows , pull downs/pull ups . The problem with bent barbell/t-bar rows is that you're essentially trying to do two things at once , hinging forward at the hips which stresses the thighs(hams,glutes,quads)while at the same time trying to contract your back !? It also places a very large demand on the lumbar spine which over time can lead to serious problems . I dumped certain so called "classic" exercises in favor of much safer & more productive ones .

  6. Been a big nick fan, now even more so. Your videos are great for real insight into the person not just the athlete hoss

  7. Only piece of advice I could give on the relationship side, treat her with respect, talk to her whether your hungry or not, because this bodybuilding won’t last forever and in reality is less important. Build your future yes, but do it with integrity and love for your lady.

  8. cant wait to see nick and hunter stand next to each other on stage! thats new generation of bodybuilding right there

  9. Dorian Yates a big proponent of the revised workout volume and rest days. 4 days p/w high intensity with loads of rest works wonders. Nick's body looks awesome though, can see him @ Mr O soon💪

  10. Nick maybe you can ask them to let lee priest back? 👍🔑the biggest mistake the ifbb made since they where created is get rid of lee! Real men speak out!👍congrats on your success nick.dont blow your body out nick! Take your time get ahold of mike ohern or lee priest! They will coach ya

  11. Imagine him and Hunter Labrada training together. That would be a hell of a video. Also, can't wait to see the day when those two compete in the same show and stand side by side. Both have that dense really hardcore look.

  12. Amazing podcast, only just caught up. Nicks a great guy, would be amazing to get him back on before/after the show! Def book that in!

  13. Nick is freaking huge and him being 26 is insane. Really hope he doesn't do anything too dangerous and ages well. Love too see him competing in 5-10 years. Let all that muscle mature and see how crazy he looks

  14. K ….. so i am 54 … obviously not prepping for a show … however i lift after i get home like i am possessed ( lot of anger issues from past ) and I leave it all on my gym floor …. i have tried to explain the eating thing to my wife … love her like no other – but i have to do the same thing … fork down , tv on mute , respond – sound up .. back to eating …. she knows i love her .. but thinks that i … well .. just have issues …. and then … like magic – after food is in – attitude is back up – brain is back engaged …… gonna pop this on this evening when i get home from work … i hope she laughs and now understands …… your the best Hoss … much appreciated –

  15. Thanks Fouad for your Superb Content! Nick has an Extremely Real, No-Nonsense, Ambitious-Optimistic and Admirable Personality! God Bless!

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