December 2, 2021

25 thoughts on “A Financial Accident is Brewing, The Case for Deflation- The Loonie Hour Episode 05

  1. Deflation and/or Slow Economic growth is a very valid concern. Wage growth would surely drive up prices and inflation and I feel this will be followed by lower consumer spending and then a slowdown/recession.

  2. There's a really great interview out there by Jim Grant and William White on central banks, inflation & deflation, and financial repression. The great point he makes is that the financial repression has already happened, and now we are down to allocating losses which is difficult because no-one wants to take any losses.

  3. Everyone has a better balance sheet than the Federal government's balance sheet. The deficit the government is carrying is insane. Canada is in trouble, especially when our Prime Minister Trudeau said "budgets balance themselves".

  4. The inflation we see, with cost of living, seems more driven by bad policy than money creation.

    The gluts awaiting consumers (who are more and more in a precarious economy) look to have the ability to have fairly strong deflationary pressures.

    But who knows?…

  5. Why does some random Canadian think their wage growth will offset inflation. The purpose of the inflation is to exceed wage growth otherwise it wouldn’t feel like there is any change in relative price and earning ratio for an individual. This inflation is designed to impoverish it has no other purpose.

  6. I've been watching doomsday videos about all this lately, and I have to say you guys are so much more grounded in reality*. Thank you for making this series.

    * Part of it could be that all the doomsday people ended up being conservatives off the deep-end (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised), but still, your moderate perspective and data to back up your claims is a breath of fresh air.

  7. The wealthy never feel the bad side of inflation, only the good side. The wealthy love inflation because they’re income increases!

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